Aumark TX

Aumark TX is equipped with a Lovol 4JB1 engine and other advanced technologies.  The vehicles digitally controlled, common rail direct injection diesel engine is based on the BOSCH ECU module. The engine is powerful yet environmentally friendly with a great fuel economy. It was constructed with new, special materials resulting in a noticeable increase in durability. The Aumark TX is the perfect choice for customers seeking high-end technology and a reliable performance.




This model features a high-end Isuzu transmission system. Its weight has been optimized and it allows for a smooth shifting experience.

The engine includes the latest generation of turbochargers for reduced vibration and reduced engine noise

The engine also features the new VE pump technology, which keeps costs at a minimum and accepts a wide range of oils.

The application of advanced European technology has improved the volumetric efficiency and overall engine power. Thanks to this great engine, the driving experience is easy and smooth even under challenging conditions: the truck can quickly be started when heavily loaded and the vehicle shows a strong climbing ability as well as excellent acceleration.